Responsive Website for Garbe Logistic AG

Making space work

For more than 20 years, Garbe Logistic AG has been one of the market leader for logistics and corporate real estate. For the Hamburg-based company with offices in Frankfurt, Berlin, London and Luxembourg, hafenkrone has developed and implemented a completely new website in responsive design. In addition to the framework design, we were also responsible for the content design and the image concept. The site was created with the CMS WordPress.

Responsive Website für Garbe Industrial Real Estate

Optimized for all Devices

As desired from our customers, we created a modern site, that is able to work on all screens. Except for the logo and the colors, we developed a completely new appearance for Garbe Logistic. Everything was worth it.
Responsive Website für Garbe Industrial Real Estate

Services in focus

In corporate with Garbe Logistic, we defined four performance areas for the company and developed a well-structured landing page for each performance . This is important for Google and for future customers.

Responsive Website für Garbe Industrial Real Estate

Logistics properties are fascinating

A lot of competitors sites contain storage buildings, which are uncharitably photographed. For Garbe Logistic, we positively staged each property in a photo shoot. The outcome: fascinating images of unique objects. Each described in detail.

Responsive Website für Garbe Industrial Real Estate

The magazine

We established the garbe magazine on the new website to cover about subjects and trends in a more free and editorial way. Every month, there shows up a new subject, each with established editorial and online marketed by our agency.

Responsive Website für Garbe Industrial Real Estate

Digital first

Based on the website, we've defined the new look and feel for Garbe Logistic and set the foundation for a modern online marketing. This style was also adopted for all other communication media by now. For example advertisements, brochures, newsletters, construction signs, etc. A great success and a much greater confirmation.

Since 12.07.2023 elbformat and Hafenkrone bundle their services as format h.

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