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xStarters is an innovation program operated by the Volkswagen Group. It is a platform on which young people can catch up on social topics, exchange ideas and get actively involved themselves through “Challenges” to put their own ideas creatively and effectively into practice.

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Achieve, inspire, activate

These are the three core objectives of the xStarters social platform. It is aimed at young people between 16 and 20 and educates them on topics with social and sustainability themes, including through the magazine with its reports on exciting startups, sustainability topics and background information about the current Challenge. Yet it is not didactic in tone, but rather motivational. hafenkrone is responsible for the concept and design of the platform and actively supports the xStarters team in generating content and distributing it on social media. The technical implementation is handled by our partners at elbformat and bornholdtlee.

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Creating a more social world today for tomorrow

The central entry point for the platform is the xStarters website. Here young people can learn about what’s new, be inspired by the Magazine and take part in the various Challenges.

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Strong together

Each Challenge presents a topic, on which participants then submit ideas. To participate, users must complete a short registration either individually or as a team, and then present their ideas. How they do this is up to them.
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lena konopka, ux-designer
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Aimed at everyone: teachers and parents

These are also relevant and are addressed in their own area. They can find all the important information here about xStarters, such as workshop materials that can also be used by schools in an independent and effective manner. Transparency plays an important role: Alongside the informative nature of the platform, a feel-good character is emphasized.

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Diversity of communication

Sometimes a video says more than a thousand words. And it can convey content that goes beyond the limits of image and text. The particular challenge here is to integrate different moving-image formats, such as small micro animations in the form of moving icons. At the same time, it is important to keep things in balance; we do not want to overstimulate our users, nor do we want to bore them. It also has to be fit for everyday use and ready for the future. For the target group, the priority is “mobile first.” For the editors, it’s simple implementation in content management.

A functioning network

“I got my education on the internet” could be the title of a recent one-hit wonder. 16-20-year-olds live with their smartphones in their hands, and they use social media for both personal interactions and to obtain information. To ensure that we can also operate in this sphere with reach and effect, we have created a guide for consistent communication. It contains how-to information for a uniform and lively design and a cool user experience for the target group that encourages thumbs and eyes to pause – even during the fastest scrolling – at the things that really matter.

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Since 12.07.2023 elbformat and Hafenkrone bundle their services as format h.

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