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The right digital strategy counts

IG Metall is the largest single trade union in the world. It has over 2 million members and represents employees from all major industrial sectors, such as metal and electrical engineering, steel, textiles and clothing, wood and plastics, and information and communication technology. Of course, as part of a comprehensive digitization strategy, the trade union website has also been revamped. Alongside the new look, it was also necessary to develop a content strategy for the many topics and to provide new functions.

Übersicht der verschiedenen Bereiche auf der Website
An overview with different screens of the website

Clear objective

Right at the beginning of our project, even before we began to think conceptually, two goals were defined. On the one hand, the new website focuses strongly on members and potential members. On the other, the extensive existing content had to be migrated and, where possible, optimized. The old IG Metall website ran to over 10,000 pages – a particular challenge. In addition to the streamlining of editorial processes, an appealing and easy-to-grasp design is also part of the restructuring process. We worked with our friends from elbformat to develop the back- and front-ends in parallel.

Giving editors the right tools to work with

The editors now have about 40 different components that they can use to prepare their articles and pieces according to target group and content. The CMS was implemented on the basis of OpenText with an individual editorial interface for IG Metall, with modules that allow the editors to design the content to be as exciting and flexible as possible. Making it possible to use different teasers and presentations for different articles. This also helps give the individual areas of the website a separate and distinctive look.  

Übersicht CMS für Redakteure
The digital metallzeitung

From 1.0 to 2.0

The metallzeitung is an IG Metall institution which is always eagerly anticipated by its members. In addition to the print product, the union also wanted to offer a contemporary online version of the magazine as part of its comprehensive digitalization. This way, the contributions can be read any time, anywhere. Other secondary locations, such as the new member area, press, youth and seminar area, were also conceived and designed by hafenkrone.

Infografik über SEO-Analysen

SEO? Very good

In addition to the design and functional concepts, hafenkrone also took on the SEO concept and social media marketing.

Übersicht der Social Media Wall

The right thing for every channel

The Social Media Wall shows all the activities in the different networks. Its social media channels bring IG Metall even closer to its members.

Login-Maske des Mitgliederbereichs

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As a service website, users will find numerous functions and forms for various applications. A simple, clear, and transparent display helps them navigate the site and clears away notional obstacles.

Positive outlook for good cooperation

The new website having been launched in February 2019, we look forward to continuing to work with our client IG Metall: we’ll be rolling out the new platform to the individual regions and offices, which will then be able to use the style guide we’ve created to tailor their activities to suit the new IG Metall look. Entirely in keeping with the guiding principle of IG Metall: Together for a strong future.

Übersicht des Styleguides für ein einheitliches Design

Since 12.07.2023 elbformat and Hafenkrone bundle their services as format h.

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