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Online marketing is no longer a galaxy far, far away. In fact, it is a rapidly growing civilization with unlimited complex dimensions. As an internet agency in Hamburg, our surpreme mission is the holistic inspection of online marketing. Together with our clients, we are going to find the best marketing strategy, that is individually tailored to the specific targets and requirements. The Force is strong with us!

How we practice


Without a proper concept efficient marketing doesn't work. So before we decide rashly for a strategy, we evaluate the actual condition. We analyze your online appearance, observe the competition, look at the audience and together we define the main objectives for scheduled marketing activities. Based on these results we decide on the most effective methods and channels.


Who desires for more attention in the digital world and returning visitors, must do something for it. No panic! We gladly take over. From SEO to display advertising to email marketing. There are many tools for the personal adress of users and customers. There are many tools for the personal approach of users and customers. therefore the proper and efficient use is just as important as a structured method for the desired effect.


Monitoring and success monitoring are self-evident in online marketing and essential for us. We do not understand the reporting just as coverage for our customers. In the analysis of sales marketing activities, it is much more important that success, failure, causes and potentials can be detected early and derived. So we can always respond appropriately and still optimize the strategy.

Online Marketing


The search engine visibility is and will remain of particular importance. It is critical to the success of digital services because it provides findability, attention and ultimately more users of their offerings. Therefore SEO generates the first To-Do when it gets to the marketing concept. SEO requires expertise. We will conscientiously apply this to the latest ranking criteria and take care of a continuous and sustained increase of visibility in the internet.


Depending on the way how to implement a landingpage, you turn visitors into real customers. How you create and market a landingpage like this, depends on the advertised product and target group. Even during the time of construction and creation of a landingpage, you have to consider the parameters of visitors conversion like the expectation, usability and call-to-action. We would like to show you, how this works!

Conversion optimization

Conversion optimization is an exciting process, which contains the complete user journey. At which point will the user cancel the process? How can you optimize your own offer? Each percent conversion increase equals more success and more sales. We elaborately analyse your current situation and advise you on appropriate optimization measures. This also includes a transparent A / B testing of different entries. Because only the result counts in the end.

Newsletter marketing

Regular newsletters and targeted emails are widely underestimated tools in online marketing. We like to use it, in particular for customer loyalty. Newsletter reach the users and create recurring attention and occasions to visit. However, there is a lot to be observed. Otherwise you end up in the spam folder. We show you how to turn your own newsletter into a powerful and effective marketing tool.

Display advertising

Display Marketing - also known as banner advertising - is the classic form of advertising in the internet. In association with profit-related payments it is getting really interesting. Well made, they can both convey the image as well as improve the performance. You can trust in our experience – we can do this!

SEA and social media advertising

The positioning of ads in search engines or social media networks requires a deliberated conception and consolidated knowledge. The success depends on a clear definition of the target group, relevant keywords and target-oriented response. Some experience in the bidding strategy of a campaign is necessary, to use your own budget in an optimal way. We get the most out of it for you.

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