Why design is important

Design must be convincing, because design is the bridge between brand and user. In corporation with our clients, we develop and provide successful digital brands and applications. Consistent, focused, recognizable and with a clear understanding of relevant trends, digital channels and user needs.

We do not want to display contents only in a visual appealing way, we rather making it livable. We don't overact, we stay authentic. And by the way – we still put our pants on one leg at a time. 

What we create


We like to think in integral web concepts. The brand, the target audience and the communication goal will be the focus. Whether corporate website, intranet, online shop or online campaign – the webdesign has to be optimally adapted to user needs and the requirements of different devices. "Are you doing responsive as well?" Yes. We do. Even "mobile first"!


Interface design means, making extensive contents preferably simple to capture and navigable for users. Usability and user experience are the focus. The digital application - whether from the App Store or on the desktop - to perform faster and better to the goal and not be distracted with a circus of functions. Interface design is the optimized design of functions. Keep it simple.


This is the part that goes beyond layout and Grid. For hafenkrone content design means the creation of an emotional world of experience with regards to contents. The practiced handling of typography, the interaction of text, icons, images, infographics, videos and interactive elements as well as the pulsating dramatization and informative presentation of complex contents. This is contemporary content design.

How we design

Art director in front of his computer

Research / Analysis

Where is your competition? How is your target group ticking? What makes your brand powerful? First of all, we take a detailed look at the environment before we get into the real conception. The analysis is extremely important for us, to get a feeling for the precise starting point and in which direction we want to head with the upcoming project.

Open sketch-book

Sketching / Conception

Now the white space gets filled. The supreme discipline. We scribble, discuss, discard, move, texture, optimize. Inside the team and with our clients. We work agile and open-minded. We do not believe isolated working in an ivory tower.


Template design / prototyping

If we have the conceptual basis, it is time for the visual elaboration. We are using different tools like sketch and of course Adobe Creative Suite for that. For the coordination with our clients, we go for prototyping with invision. That is how you already get a feeling for the future applications in the development and further user-tests are manageble without any problems.

design implementation

Implementation / quality management

Now all modules, assets and content elements are developed further and coordinated in close cooperation with the programming. After development we closely monitor the compliance of the designed concepts and templates. Because in the end, it is the result that matters.



You would like to have more information?

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Benjamin @work
Design is an essential link between the brand and users.
benjamin sauer, art director

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